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Super Collections

Here at The Rookie we love seeing what you have!  Super-collecting has become a big part of the hobby and we especially love Super Collections!  What is a Super Collection?  It goes beyond having one of every Topps set back to 1972, it goes farther than having all of the most popular rookies.  Some may call it hoarding, other's may call it an obsession, we call it AWESOME!  Here is a quick Top Ten List to measure if you are in possession of a Super Collection:
  1. Do you have a lot of cards of a certain player or team that are rare or elusive in the hobby?
  2. Have you ever driven 100 miles for a card worth $100?
  3. Have you ever made your wife wait to leave for a wedding because you were waiting until the end of an eBay auction?
  4. Can you say "I bet you don't have ______" to 50% of your collection to 90% of the hobbyists?
  5. Have you and your collection ever been featured in a publication?
  6. Do you carry more insurance on your collectibles than insurance on your house?
  7. Do you have more cards in a safety deposit box than family heirlooms and important documents?
  8. When you go to card shows, do dealers know you by name and can tell you if they have what you are looking for?
  9. Do people simply know you as the "___________ (i.e. Peyton Manning, Basketball, Ted Williams) guy: rather than your real name?
  10. Have you ever thought about checking yourself into an institution because of your desire to want more, and more, and MORE!?
This Month's SUPER COLLECTION belongs to a very loyal customer Adam

Like last months SUPER COLLECTION from Jim, Adam has a huge passion for Basketball Cards.  At one time Adam had a tremendous collection that included some of the greatest modern day cards of LeBron James, Michael Jordan, and other super stars.  Over a year ago, Adam traded all of that in to focus on just one player:


Adam's collection of Rodman has grown substantially of this period of time since being very disciplined and funnelling his collector resources into "The Worm".  How has the collection panned out?  Try these stats on for size:

Over 360 Autographs
266 Autographs #'d 100 or less
230 Autographs #'d 50 or less
178 Autographs #'d 25 or less
49 Autographs #'d 5 or less
20 Autographs #'d TRUE 1/1!

These numbers do no include the hoard of "Ebay 1/1's" he has (i.e. Jersey #'d, 01/XX, or XX/XX).  When Adam brought his massive collection into The Rookie for pictures he didn't just bring it in a small shoebox.  Try 2 5000 count boxes stuffed in one of the biggest suitcases I have ever seen.  There was no room in those two boxes, he had to bring an additional single-row vault box.  And this was just the "good stuff".  He left the common stuff at home.

Enjoy the pictures!

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